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Open Access journals are an ideal platform for the publication of your research enabling you to reach the widest available audience of biomedical professionals in your field of expertise. Publication in our journals means that your research articles will be available for free access online being immediately citable. PAGEPress journals shortens the time needed before publication, offers a high quality peer-review system, highly-professional scientific copyediting, DOI assignment, and submission to many online directories and databases.

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Article Processing Charges

Open access publishing does have its costs. Since PAGEPress does not have subscription charges for its research content it can defray publishing costs from the Article Processing Charges (APC). This is because PAGEPress believes that the interests of the scientific community can best be served by an immediate, worldwide, unlimited, open access to the full text of research articles.
Information regarding authors’ payment are not made available to editors and reviewers ensuring that they cannot be influenced in their selection of papers for publication by payment conditions or limitations.  

The Article Processing Charge for publication in this journal is EUR 850.00 for Original Papers and Reviews, EUR 600.00 for Brief Reports and Technical Notes;  EUR 400.00 for Views & Comments and Letters to the Editors (plus VAT, if applicable).

No taxes are included in the APCs. Please note the following:

-    European Union PRIVATE customers must add VAT (IVA) at standard rate (4%)
-    European Union private/public organizations and Institutions paying the fee on behalf of Authors can avoid payment of VAT by providing their VAT registration number
-    Private or public ITALIAN customers (individuals, universities, hospitals, other organizations) must ALWAYS add VAT (IVA) at standard rate (4%)
-   Outside the European Union, individuals and organizations should not add any taxes.


Fast-Track Review: 1000.00 (EUR)
With the payment of this fee, the review, editorial decision, and author notification on this manuscript is guaranteed to take place within 4 weeks.

Original Papers - Reviews: € 850.00
For teams of authors that include a regular member of the Italian Society for Histochemistry as corresponding author, the cost is € 650.00 

Brief Reports - Technical Notes: € 600.00 
For teams of authors that include a regular member of the Italian Society for Histochemistry as corresponding author, the cost is € 400.00 

Views & Comments - Letters to the Editors: € 400.00
For teams of authors that include a regular member of the Italian Society for Histochemistry as corresponding author, the cost is € 250.00

Our fees cover the costs of peer review, copyediting, publication, different format of publication (HTML, PDF), inclusion in many Open Access databases.

IMPORTANT: Authors are NOT required to pay at the moment of submission. If the paper is accepted, the Managing Editor will guide the Authors through the payment procedure.

Terms for Discounts 

Authors coming from the countries included in the “United Nations list of Least Developed Countries” are entitled to ask for a discount.

- Authors should apply for discounts after receiving the acceptance letter. 
- All applications are subject to approval by the publisher.
- Discounts may not be transferred to a different author or journal.



Authors can pay their fees by:


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PayPal is the most recommended and secure payment system. It enables you to pay getting your payment receipt immediately and without sharing your financial information.

Other methods of payment:

Bank transfer

BANK NAME: Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Branch #1, Strada Nuova 75, I-27100 Pavia, Italy 
IBAN: IT85Y0569611301000005086X83

Credit Card

The credit card form to be filled and returned either via e-mail or via fax is available for download here.

NOTE: In any method of payment you choose, kindly specify: 1. journal name; 2. paper ID number; 3. first author.

All bank charges shall be borne by the payer.


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