Karyological and flow cytometric evidence of triploid specimens in Bufo viridis (Amphibia Anura)

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D Cavallo *
R De Vita
P Eleuteri
L Borkin
V Ermechenko
G Odierna
E Balletto
(*) Corresponding Author:
D Cavallo | support@pagepress.org


Karyological and flow cytometric (FCM) analyses were performed on a group of 14 green toads of the Bufo viridis species from seven Eurasian populations. Both approaches gave concordant results concerning the DNA ploidy level. All the populations examined were represented exclusively by diploid or tetraploid specimens, except one, where triploids were found. Results evidenced an interpopulation variability in DNA content against the same ploidy level, as well as an unusually high number of triploids in a particular reproductive place. The origin of polyploidy and the presence and persistence of a high number of triploids in a particular population are discussed.

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