Expression of collagen type I, II, X and Ki-67 in osteochondroma compared to human growth plate cartilage

  • K Huch | Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Ulm, Italy.
  • V Mordstein
  • J Stöve
  • AG Nerlich
  • H Arnholdt
  • G Delling
  • W Puhl
  • KP Günther
  • RE Brenner


In order to characterize the consequences for the process of endochondral ossification we performed an immunohistochemical study and compared the expression of collagen type I, II and X as markers of cartilage differentiation and Ki-67 as a marker of cell proliferation in solitary (7-26 years, n=9) and multiple (11-42 years, n=6) osteochondromas with their expression in human fetal and postnatal growth plates. In fetal and young postnatal controls, we found a thin superficial layer of articular cartilage that stained positive for collagen type I while collagen II was expressed in the rest of the cartilage and collagen type X was restricted to the hypertrophic zone. Osteochondromas from children showed lobular collagen type II-positive areas surrounded by collagen type I. In adults, the separation of collagen type I- and type II-positive areas was more blurred, or the cartilaginous cap was missing. Collagen type X was detected in a pericellular distribution pattern within hypertrophic zones but also deeper between bone trabecula. The prolif- erative activity of osteochondromas from children younger than 14 years of age was comparable to postnatal growth plates, whereas in cartilage from individuals older than 14 years of age, we could not detect significant proliferative activity.


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Huch, K., Mordstein, V., Stöve, J., Nerlich, A., Arnholdt, H., Delling, G., Puhl, W., GüntherK., & Brenner, R. (2010). Expression of collagen type I, II, X and Ki-67 in osteochondroma compared to human growth plate cartilage. European Journal of Histochemistry, 46(3), 249-58.