Peptidomics - Methods and protocols


Nearly ten years ago the scientific community added another discipline to the big –omics family, peptidomics, i.e., “the study of the complement of peptides from a cell, organelle, tissue or organism”. This fact derives from the exceptional capacity to produce data by high-throughput techniques and machines that allow us to pass from proteomics analysis of complex biological systems to the capacity to resolve their peptides content even at the single cell level. Thus, the time is set to have this Peptidomics: Methods and protocols edited by Mikhail Soloviev. I think the editor did a great job; I was reading a very usefull book, a great collection of protocols (that widely range as for the organisms studied, from Bacteria to Man !) both for those are newcomer potential users, as I am, and for those are already acquiented to .....


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