Expression of mesenchymal stem cell marker CD90 on dermal sheath cells of the anagen hair follicle in canine species

  • F. Mercati |
  • L. Pascucci
  • P. Ceccarelli
  • C. Dall’Aglio
  • V. Pedini
  • A.M. Gargiulo


The dermal sheath (DS) of the hair follicle is comprised by fibroblast-like cells and extends along the follicular epithelium, from the bulb up to the infundibulum. From this structure, cells with stem characteristics were isolated: they have a mesenchymal origin and express CD90 protein, a typical marker of mesenchymal stem cells. It is not yet really clear in which region of hair follicle these cells are located but some experimental evidence suggests that dermal stem cells are localized prevalently in the lower part of the anagen hair follicle. As there are no data available regarding DS stem cells in dog species, we carried out a morphological analysis of the hair follicle DS and performed both an immunohistochemical and an immunocytochemical investigation to identify CD90+ cells. We immunohistochemically evidenced a clear and abundant positivity to CD90 protein in the DS cells located in the lower part of anagen hair follicle. The positive cells showed a typical fibroblast-like morphology. They were flat and elongated and inserted among bundles of collagen fibres. The whole structure formed a close and continuous sleeve around the anagen hair follicle. Our immunocytochemical study allowed us to localize CD90 protein at the cytoplasmic membrane level.


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Mercati, F., Pascucci, L., Ceccarelli, P., Dall’AglioC., Pedini, V., & Gargiulo, A. (2009). Expression of mesenchymal stem cell marker CD90 on dermal sheath cells of the anagen hair follicle in canine species. European Journal of Histochemistry, 53(3), e19.