Differential expression of aquaporin 3 in Triturus italicus from larval to adult epidermal conversion


By using immunohistochemical techniques applied to confocal microscopy, the presence of aquaporin 3 water channel in the epidermis of Triturus italicus (Amphibia, Urodela) has been shown. We analysed the expression of aquaporin 3 (AQP3) during the larval, pre-metamorphic and adult phases; we also showed the localization of the water-channel protein AQP3 in free-swimming conditions and during aestivation in parallel with histological analysis of the skin, focusing on the possible relationship between protein expression and terrestrial habitats. Our results indicate that aquaporin is produced as the epidermis modifies during the functional maturation phase starting at the climax. Moreover, our data suggest an increase in enzyme expression in aestivating newts emphasizing the putative functional importance of differential expression related to a distinct phase of the biological cycle.


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Brunelli, E., Perrotta, I., Bonacci, A., & Tripepi, S. (2009). Differential expression of aquaporin 3 in Triturus italicus from larval to adult epidermal conversion. European Journal of Histochemistry, 51(1), 25-32. https://doi.org/10.4081/1008