Editorial Board


Carlo Pellicciari
University of Pavia, Italy

Carlo Pellicciari graduated in Biological Sciences summa cum laude at the University of Pavia, Italy (1975). Visiting Professor for the Japan Society for Promotion of Science at the Department of Pathology, Fukui Medical School, Fukui, Japan (1982-1983), he has been associate professor (1985-1999) and then full professor of Cytology and Histology at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Pavia. He is the past-President and currently member of the Managing Board of the Italian Society of Histochemistry and member of the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Biomedicine, the Journal of Histology, and the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology. His main research interests have been cell proliferation and apoptotic cell death, and these investigations have mostly been performed by histochemical techniques at light and electron microscopy. Over the last few years he has been working on the apoptogenic effect of photosensitizing molecules and fluorogenic substrates for photodynamic therapy.


Marco Biggiogera
University of Pavia, Italy

Marco Biggiogera graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Pavia and obtained his Ph.D in 1987. He was Research Staff member at the Centre for Electron Microscopy at the University of Lausanne for seven years. He is presently Full Professor of Cytology and Histology in Pavia. His research focus on RNA transcription and modification in different tissue and cell models as studied by cytochemical techniques applied to electron microscopy and has co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed papers. He is the Italian member of the International Committee of the Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop on the Cell Nucleus and member of the Executive Board of the Society for Histochemistry.

Manuela Malatesta
University of Verona, Italy

Manuela Malatesta graduated in Biology (honors) at the University of Urbino, and she was Research Staff member at the Centre of Electron Microscopy of the University of Lausanne. She is Associate Professor of Human Anatomy at the University of Verona. Her research interests in cell biology concern muscle atrophy and dystrophy, nanomedicine, ageing and cell/tissue regeneration, as studied mainly by histochemical techniques at light and electron microscopy, and co-authored about 150 peer-reviewed papers. She is member of the board of the Società Italiana di Scienze Microscopiche (SISM), and of the scientific board of the Nuova Federazione Italiana di Ossigeno-Ozono.

Editorial Board

M. Battistelli, Urbino (Italy), L. Cocco, Bologna (Italy), A.C. Croce, Pavia (Italy), M. De Falco, Naples (Italy), R. Di Pietro, Chieti (Italy), E. Falcieri, Urbino (Italy), M. Harata, Sendai (Japan), P. Hozak, Prague (Czech, Republic), Z. Kmiec, Gdansk (Poland), R. Mancinelli, Rome (Italy), N.M. Maraldi, Bologna (Italy), F.J. Medina, Madrid (Spain), F. Michetti, Roma (Italy), C.A. Redi, Pavia (Italy), S. Shibata, Tokyo (Japan), C. Schoeffer, Vienna (Austria), D. Tomassoni, Camerino (Italy)

Managing Board of the Italian Society of Histochemistry for the years 2022-2025

Roberta Di Pietro (President), University of Chieti, Italy
Romina Mancinelli (vice-President), University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy
Maria De Falco, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Daniele Tomassoni, University  of Camerino, Italy
Michela Battistelli (Secretary), University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Italy
Elisabetta Falcieri (past-President), University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Italy