Identification of the novel localization of tenascinX in the monkey choroid plexus and comparison with the mouse

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K. Imura *
I. Sato
(*) Corresponding Author:
K. Imura |


Tenascin-X (Tn-X) belongs to the tenascin family of glycoproteins and has been reported to be significantly associated with schizophrenia in a single nucleotide polymorphism analysis in humans. This finding indicates an important role of Tn-X in the central nervous system (CNS). However, details of Tn-X localization are not clear in the primate CNS. Using immunohistochemical techniques, we found novel localizations of Tn-X in the interstitial connective tissue and around blood vessels in the choroid plexus (CP) in macaque monkeys. To verify the reliability of Tn-X localization, we compared the Tn-X localization with the tenascin-C (Tn-C) localization in corresponding regions using neighbouring sections. Localization of Tn-C was not observed in CP. This result indicated consistently restricted localization of Tn-X in CP. Comparative investigations using mouse tissues showed equivalent results. Our observations provide possible insight into specific roles of Tn-X in CP for mammalian CNS function.

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