Histochemistry: work in progress


As our subscribers have been notified in a recent letter, this issue of the European Journal of Histochemistry is the last one to be edited and printed by “Luigi Ponzio e figlio editori”: They have generously collaborated with us with the greatest care and professionality for the past twenty years and for that we wish to thank Mr. Luigi Ponzio and his entire staff (in particular, Mr. Luigi Guardamagna) most hearthly. The new publisher Tipografia PIME Editrice has assured us of a strong support in the promotion and the development of the image of the European Journal of Histochemistry in its relations with the media at all levels. While a change in the Publisher may be seen as a merely technical one, it is also the occasion to reflect upon how a Journal such as ours can be enriched. The Journal’s topics touch upon many of the basic issues in biology and, through these, in pathology. Our subjects are humans, as well as all animals and plants, not only looked upon as objects for comparison and taxonomic analysis, but also as models for detailed study..........



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