Nuclear localization of phosphorylated c-Myc protein in human tumor cells.

  • C. Soldani |
  • M.G. Bottone
  • M. Biggiogera
  • C. Alpini
  • A.I. Scovassi
  • T. Martin
  • C. Pellicciari


Using immunocytochemical techniques at light and electron microscopy, we analysed the distribution of phosphorylated c-Myc in actively proliferating human HeLa cells. The distribution pattern of c-Myc was also compared with those of other ribonucleoprotein (RNP)-containing components (PANA, hnRNP-core proteins, fibrillarin) or RNP-associated nuclear proteins (SC-35 splicing factor). Our results provide the first evidence that phosphorylated c-Myc accumulates in the nucleus of tumor cells, where it colocalizes with fibrillarin, both in the nucleolus and in extranucleolar structures.


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Letters to the Editor
c-Myc, fibrillarin, fluorescence microscopy, immunocytochemistry, nuclear bodies, nucleolus
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Soldani, C., Bottone, M., Biggiogera, M., Alpini, C., Scovassi, A., Martin, T., & Pellicciari, C. (2010). Nuclear localization of phosphorylated c-Myc protein in human tumor cells. European Journal of Histochemistry, 46(4), 377-80.

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