Immunohistochemical and biochemical assay of versican in human sound predentine/dentine matrix

Published: 23 September 2009
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Aim of this study was to investigate the distribution of versican proteoglycan within the human dentine organic matrix by means of a correlative immunohistochemical analysis with field emission in-lens scanning electron microscope (FEI-SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM), fluorescence microscope (FM) and biochemical assay. Specimens containing dentine and predentine were obtained from non carious human teeth and divided in three groups: 1) FEI-SEM group: sections were exposed to a pre-embedding immunohistochemical procedure; 2) TEM group: specimens were fixed, demineralised, embedded and submitted to a post-embedding immunohistochemical procedure; 3) FM group: sections mineralised and submitted to a pre-embedding immunohistochemical procedure with fluorescence labelling. Specimens were exposed to two different antibodies to assay distribution of versican fragments and whole versican molecule.Western Blotting analysis of dentine and pulp extracts was also performed. The correlative FEI-SEM,TEM and FM analysis revealed positive immunoreaction for versican fragments both in predentine and dentine, while few gold particles identifying the whole versican molecule were found in predentine only under TEM. No labelling of versican whole molecule was detected by FEI-SEM and FM analysis. The immunoblotting analysis confirmed the morphological findings. This study suggests that in fully developed human teeth versican fragments are significant constituents of the human dentine and predentine organic matrix, while versican whole molecule can be visualised in scarce amount within predentine only. The role of versican fragments within human dentine organic matrix should be further elucidated.



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Ruggeri, A., Orsini, G., Mazzoni, A., Nato, F., Papa, V., Piccirilli, M., Putignano, A., Mazzotti, G., De Stefano Dorigo, E., & Breschi, L. (2009). Immunohistochemical and biochemical assay of versican in human sound predentine/dentine matrix. European Journal of Histochemistry, 53(3), e15.