Expression of NGF, Trka and p75 in human cartilage


Nerve growth factor (NGF) exerts its action through two types of receptor: high-affinity tyrosine kinase A receptor (trkA) and low-affinity p75 receptor. NGF has a neurotrophic role in central and peripheral nervous system development, but there is also clear evidence of its involvement in the developing skeleton. The aim of the present immunohistochemical study was to investigate the expression and distribution of NGF, trkA, and p75 in normal cartilaginous tissues from adult subjects: articular and meniscal cartilage of the knee, cartilage from the epiglottis, and intervertebral disc tissue. Detection of NGF mRNA was also performed by in situ hybridization. Immunoreaction for NGF and the two receptors in articular chondrocytes, chondrocyte-like cells of meniscus and annulus fibrosus, and chondrocytes of the epiglottis demonstrated that they are all expressed in hyaline, fibrous and elastic cartilaginous tissues, suggesting that they could be involved in cartilage physio-pathology.


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Gigante, A., Bevilacqua, C., Pagnotta, A., Manzotti, S., Toesca, A., & Greco, F. (2009). Expression of NGF, Trka and p75 in human cartilage. European Journal of Histochemistry, 47(4), 339-344.

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