Immunogold study on lectin binding in the porcine zona pellucida and granulosa cells


An ultrastructural localization of lectin receptors on the zona pellucida (ZP) of porcine antral oocytes and on the granulosa cells was performed using a panel of horseradish peroxidase- labelled lectins in conjunction with antiperoxidase antibody and protein A-gold. In some cases, lectin incubation was preceded by sialidase digestion. WGA-, Con-A-, UEA-I-, RCA-I-, PNA- and SBA-reactive sites were distributed differently in the porcine ZP. Sialidase digestion increased the positivity obtained with RCA-I and it was necessary to promote PNA and SBA reactivity. These results indicated that the ZP contained N-acetylglucosamine, a-mannose, a- fucose, b-Gal-(1-4)GlcNAc, b-Gal- (1-3)GalNAc, b-GalNAc and sialic acid residues. We also observed the presence of vesicles in both the ooplasm and granulosa cells, showing a similar lectin binding pattern to that of the ZP, thus suggesting that the oocyte and granulosa cells are the site of synthesis of ZP glucidic determinants.


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Parillo, F., Dall’AglioC., Verini Supplizi, A., Ceccarelli, P., & Gargiulo, A. (2009). Immunogold study on lectin binding in the porcine zona pellucida and granulosa cells. European Journal of Histochemistry, 47(4), 353-358.

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