MIAQuant, a novel system for automatic segmentation, measurement, and localization comparison of different biomarkers from serialized histological slices

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Elena Casiraghi *
Mara Cossa
Veronica Huber
Licia Rivoltini
Matteo Tozzi
Antonello Villa
Barbara Vergani
(*) Corresponding Author:
Elena Casiraghi | casiraghi@di.unimi.it


In the clinical practice, automatic image analysis methods quickly quantizing histological results by objective and replicable methods are getting more and more necessary and widespread. Despite several commercial software products are available for this task, they are very little flexible, and provided as black boxes without modifiable source code. To overcome the aforementioned problems, we employed the commonly used MATLAB platform to develop an automatic method, MIAQuant, for the analysis of histochemical and immunohistochemical images, stained with various methods and acquired by different tools. It automatically extracts and quantifies markers characterized by various colors and shapes; furthermore, it aligns contiguous tissue slices stained by different markers and overlaps them with differing colors for visual comparison of their localization. Application of MIAQuant for clinical research fields, such as oncology and cardiovascular disease studies, has proven its efficacy, robustness and flexibility with respect to various problems; we highlight that, the flexibility of MIAQuant makes it an important tool to be exploited for basic researches where needs are constantly changing. MIAQuant software and its user manual are freely available for clinical studies, pathological research, and diagnosis.

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Elena Casiraghi, University of Milan

Department of Informatic, assistant professor