New Tetrachromic VOF Stain (Type III-G.S) for Normal and Pathological Fish Tissues


A new VOF Type III-G.S stain was applied to histological sections of different organs and tissues of healthy and pathological larvae, juvenile and adult fish species (Solea senegalensis; Sparus aurata; Diplodus sargo; Pagrus auriga; Argyrosomus regius and Halobatrachus didactylus). In comparison to the original Gutiérrez´VOF stain, more acid dyes of contrasting colours and polychromatic/metachromatic properties were incorporated as essential constituents of the tetrachromic VOF stain. This facilitates the selective staining of different basic tissues and improves the morphological analysis of histochemical approaches of the cell components. The VOF-Type III G.S stain is composed of a mixture of several dyes of varying size and molecular weight (Orange G< acid Fuchsin< Light green


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Sarasquete, C., & GutiérrezM. (2009). New Tetrachromic VOF Stain (Type III-G.S) for Normal and Pathological Fish Tissues. European Journal of Histochemistry, 49(2), 211-220.