Appearance of β-dystroglycan precedes the formation of glio-vascular end-feet in developing rat brain

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Mihály Kálmán *
Erzsébet Oszwald
István Adorján
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mihály Kálmán |


Dystroglycan has an important role in binding of perivascular glial end-feet tothe basal lamina. Its β-subunit is localized in the glial end-feet. The investigation period lasted from E(embryonic day)12 to E20. Laminin and β-dystroglycan were detected by immunohistochemistry, the glial localization of the latter one was supported  by electron microscopy. The immatureglial structures were visualized by the immunostaining of nestin. The β-dystroglycan immunoreactivity appeared at E16 following the laminin of basal lamina but preceding the perivascular processes of radial glia (E18) and astrocyte-like cells (E20). It occurred in cell bodies which attached to the vessels directly but not with vascular processes and end-feet. The presence of β-dystroglycan in such immature cells may promote their differentiation to perivascular astrocytes and influence the formation of the glio-vascular processes.

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